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Ohio has a long history of very scary criminals 
11:23am 01/10/2014
  What do Charlie Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer and the radical Noor Islamic Cultural Center have in common? Their ties to Ohio.

The weather is hell as others have reported, but that is the least of my concerns. And I actually like the rednecks.

It is the criminal activity that completely freaks me out. Why has Ohio produced so many of this nation's serial killers, anarchists, ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and provided recruits to the Al-Queda linked Al-Shabaab terror camps? and other very dangerous criminals?

If Ohio were to secede from the U.S., where would it go? Would it trade places with a border state? Would it fence the state? What would become of the corn trade?

Is there some creepy cult, is it the public school indoctrination, is it the weird masonic rituals, experimental surgeries or what that produces the Alton Colemans', Debra Browns', Anthony Sowells', Fat Charles', Donald DeFreezes', Lewingdons', James Hubertys', Martine Frankels', Thomas Dillons' and Emma Goldmans?

Why is the radical Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Dublin, Ohio allowed to continue with known links to the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist leaders around the world and Al-Queda linked Al-Shabaab terror camps? Even after member Amer Ahmad, the former deputy treasurer and CFO of the state of Ohio and former city comptroller for mayor Rahm Emanuel in Chicago, Illinois were indicted for money laundering?
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I thought I was alone! 
08:46am 06/04/2014
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I've lived here for 3 years, tried soooooo hard to "fit in" and embrace my inner Ohioan. We have taken up shooting and fishing in an effort to find friendly people to hang out with.. Found out those people do not exist in Ohio. I want out of here so bad! At least I've found this community that shares my dislike for this place, I'm no longer alone.
Got lied to by my son. 
12:51am 17/02/2014
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Why does anyone live in this God forsaken usually frozen Hell hole? My son told me it wasn't as cold as I thought it was & didn't get as much snow as I thought! Actually it's WORSE than I thought it would be. I moved here from VA almost 4 years ago & my life has gone downhill ever since. There's nothing to do in Dayton if you are over 40. There's no place to find friends cause there's no work & everyone hangs out with cousins or friends from HS. I had a car but it was too expensive to repair & I can't find one that isn't owned by a crack head who wants 300.00 over blue book for a car that isn't in good enough shape to fit in the fair condition category! I had a job here briefly. But the buses here are early or late. If I got the 18 late & the 14 was early or on time I was late for work. They don't call ahead & hold the bus for you. Standing in temps in the teens for an hour & a half waiting for the office to open wasn't an option. I had heart surgery about 4 months ago & don't seem to be getting any better. It only corrected half the problem. I want to go back to the East Coast, but I can't really take care of myself now that the butcher has done my surgery.
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07:30pm 20/12/2012
Ohio to New York community 
04:37pm 05/02/2011
  Hate Ohio so much that you moved (or are planning a move, or desperately want to move) to New York City?

Have I got the community for you!


Please join, post, chat, argue, meet, learn, and love.
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Bye! :( 
04:44am 25/09/2007
  Ohio just seems to get more interesting doesn't it?

I just read a blog from a local radio station AND visited the actual website.

Apparently, Geauga Lake will be no longer.
Or, the better side of the park won't be.

So, goodbye to your childhood, teenage or even adulthood memories.

This leaves, 2 amusement parks, yeah? Both which are in a huge driving distance from my house. Both which are way overly over-priced.

So, goodbye to you, Mr. Lake. You served me and tons of others with good and funtastic memories!
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03:45am 07/04/2007
  Hey, Hey!
I'm kind of new to this...

Anyways, was wondering if anyone from the 330 area is out there?
If so, we should totally be friends! If you're not from the area, we can still manage to be friends, I'm sure.
It'd just be nice to find/talk to some people from around the area.. is all.
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08:40pm 13/06/2006
mood: sarcastic
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Goddamn it I hate this shithole. 
09:35am 22/03/2006
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Now you're stuck. 
02:56pm 18/02/2006
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Chronicles of a Dying Mall... 
02:50pm 18/02/2006
mood: bored

Let's go bust a nut mall trolling.

Oh, Rolling Afros, how you used to be so beautiful.Collapse )
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10:50pm 14/08/2005
I really, really hate Ohio. I hate the hick town where I live with the passion of a thousand, fiery hot suns.
I hate Ohio so much that I made a list.
1.I hate having to drive at least three hours to go to a concert or to shop.
2.It’s either really cold or really hot. Spring and Fall do not really exist.
3.We messed up the presidential election.
4.I hate all the hicktastic small towns.
5.I hate that I have to stay here for college because out of state tuition is so expensive.
6.I hate all the redneck weirdoes that drive around with Confederate flags on their cars. Ohio was in the Union, idiot!
7.It’s so boring.
8.Columbus is a horrible, sprawling cesspool. How many Starbucks and McDonalds does one city need?
9.I hate driving down a country road and getting stuck behind a tracker.
10."With God All Things Are Possible”, the state motto. Don’t get me started on how idiotic that is

I could probably go on, but I don’t want to bore you.
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Why I Hate Ohio 
12:34pm 14/08/2005
  I'm a transplanted Michigander who hates Ohio. I've lived here since 2001 and still refer to myself as being from Michigan.

I hate Ohio because:
1. People drive the speed limit or 5 under in the left lane of the highway and think they're going really fast.
2. There are a disturbing amount of rednecks, hillbillies and white trash in Ohio. It's like I feel like I'm living in Alabama once I leave Cleveland.
3. The governor is an ass hat.
4. It's just as humid as Texas, but the Mexican food here isn't nearly as good.
5. There isn't a place within 3 hours of my house that sells Bubble Tea.
6. I can't get Vernos in a restaraunt.
7. There are many more grey days here than in my home state. In fact, Cleveland has as many grey days as Seattle, but with less culture.
8. The Flats suck and are just too expensive.
9. The economy is crap.
10. Brain Drain: when I was interviewing for jobs, people seriously looked at me like I was nuts when I told them I had a bachelor's degree.
11. It's a red state and fucks up all the elections.
12. Paying to drive on the turnpike sucks.

I could go on and on, but I won't.

What's good about Ohio:
1. Where I live is about 2 hours from the Michigan border, 2 more to hit Lansing.
2. The town of Kent has some fun things to do that don't totally sucks ass.
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07:21pm 28/05/2005
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Why I hate Ohio... 
12:46am 07/05/2005
  I've always had every intention of getting the hell out of here when I go to college.

At first I thought about studying in Austria, but then I chickened out.

Then I thought, hell, it would be sweet to live in Californina maybe? No, no, thats too far.

So maybe Bosotn? Nope, mother denied.

Indiana or Pennsylvania? Mother, denied.

Fine, I'll stay in Ohio, how bout Wright State in Dayton? Mother denied.

What about Bowling Green, it's only an hour away. Mother, denied.

So where am I going? Heidelberg College, less than two blocks away from my house.

The only reason my mom gave me for having to stay home was that she needs me to stay with my sister (my mom works nights) and if she had to get a different job, she'd have to get a smaller house.

And now, she's thinking about moving.

God Bless you Ohio. Just 4 more years, them I'm gone...
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03:21am 12/03/2005
mood: crazy

Ohio is NOT for lovers
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02:21pm 07/03/2005
mood: bitchy
Hi...I hate Ohio for several reasons...1.We have one season and it's called Hell. 2.We don't have jobs and our governor's a douche bag. 3. It's simply Ohio!
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11:35pm 23/09/2004
  taken from here

Top 10 Reasons Why Ohio Sucks
1. Toledo
2. Most other Ohio cities
3. Exactly what is a buckeye?
4. Ohio runs commercials in other states about how fun Ohio is to visit. This fools no one.
5. In Michigan, you have to pass through Ohio to get to Florida.
6. Ohio is a big flat state.

anyone want to fill in the blanks?
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Kudos to drew for this community 
11:24pm 23/09/2004
  Ohio is a place where white bread kids can get together and be assholes. Then later they growup to be assholes, raise assholes, and the cycle continues. Every now and then people will escape the neverending void of assholes and assholes-in-training to realize Ohio sucks. If you want a perfect example of uninteresting midwest life, this is it. If you don't want that then join in hatred the only sport that does not discriminate.